This year's tournament, An Phu Gia Cons is honored to be the silver sponsor of the BKCONS 2019 tennis tournament. Representatives of An Phu Gia Construction Joint Stock Company, Anh Hua Dinh Tuan - General Director participated in the competition. .

Mr. Hua Dinh Tuan joined the match with a spirit of excitement and determination.

The match took place extremely exciting and exciting, bringing dramatic moments, and suspense. Although the matches took place continuously, but with the spirit of "to fight, to win", Mr. Hua Dinh Tuan excelled in competition and continuously scored points, bringing the game full of courage and beauty. with the audience.

After 3 wins, Anh Hua Dinh Tuan has officially won the championship and brought glory to the An Phu Gia Family.

This year's tournament has shown the spirit of "Work hard - Play hard" of An Phu Gia people.

The success of Mr. Hua Dinh Tuan in the traditional BKCONS 2019 tennis tournament has sparked new beliefs and hopes about the development of the sports movement and the professionalism of the An Phu Gia tournaments. An Phu Gia family wishes Mr. Hua Dinh Tuan will continue to shine more in the BKCONS traditional tennis seasons in the following years.

Congratulations once again to Mr. Hua Dinh Tuan.

We invite you to review the beautiful images of the tournament day and the moment of raising the championship:

Opening the traditional tennis tournament BKCONS 2019 on the morning of October 13, 2019, Mr. Hua Dinh Tuan - General Director of An Phu Gia Construction Joint Stock Company (7th place from the right) honored to receive the trophy from organizers.

Mr. Hua Dinh Tuan took a picture with Mr. Le Thanh Nhon - Head of the Organizing Committee of the tournament (3rd place from the left) and teams participating in the tournament.

Impressive playing moments of Mr. Hua Dinh Tuan on the field

Exact shots of Anh Hua Dinh Tuan

The cheerleaders of An Phu Gia Construction Joint Stock Company came to cheer and congratulate Mr. Hua Dinh Tuan's victory

> An Phu Gia Cons has officially become the BKCONS 2019 Tennis Champion, the moment Anh Hua Dinh Tuan raised the trophy

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