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People are the key to success - Human resources in APG cons cons is considered the most valuable asset. Therefore, we are always interested in building a team of professional managers and employees to make the company grow stronger and stronger. The Company assesses objectively and appropriately about the contribution of each member to help Employees and Employees to realize their role in shaping the Company's culture, constantly learning, creating, needing industrious and upright. The personnel policy is always improved so that APGCONS staff can have the best working environment

Work environment

The company concerns about the working conditions of the staff, for example: arrange a comfortable, modern and clean working place; provide sufficient machines, equipment and necessary working facilities; equipping employees with uniforms and adequate personal protective equipment for whom work at the construction site.

Meanwhile, the company makes every effort to create a dynamic and professional working environment so that each employee has the opportunity to assert themselves, reach their max level of productivity. Additionally, superior’s guidance and support as well as colleagues and related department’s cooperation all aims for the company development.

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Work environment
Training and Developing

In order to build a team with high qualified employees and professional ethics, Company develops a training plan in accordance with APCcons development strategy.

● Integration training: New employees will participate in the integration training program in order to understand company's history of establishment and development; regulations, procedures, working rules and environment, Company's culture to quickly apprehend also adapt with work and colleagues. Besides, we organize professional and technical training sessions for new supervisors.

● Managers training: For employees with potential for development, they will be nominated on the list of potential leaders, and attend in training courses for leadership skills, management skills such as planning, organizing work, and other skills.

● Internal training: Regularly organize internal training to provide particular and specialized knowledge for employees. Focus on practical internal training, senior training for subordinates, senior experts training for their junior levels to complete and improve their major.

● Soft skills training: Focus on training soft skills such as communication skills, presentation skills, negotiation skills, etc. to increase employees confidence and success in their work.

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Training and Developing
Welfare policy

Tourism: Annual.

Company organizes tours and leaves for employees to recreate and tie-up the workforce.

Periodic health examination: Company organizes a general health examination for the employees every year.

Sports activities: Launching and organizing sports activities for employees to practice and compete between departments.

Take care of employees' physical and mental life: set up meetings to give gifts to employees on traditional New Year holidays, ..

The company offers employees all allowances that support them to complete their tasks: Telephone allowance, work allowance, responsibility allowance...

Deduction of social insurance and health insurance for employees according to current regulations. The regimes on maternity, labor accident insurance, severance allowances must comply with the provisions of law.

Besides compulsory insurance, the Company will consider buying other types of insurance: Comprehensive health insurance depending on position and business trip ... The company also has comprehensive health insurance for employee's family members.

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Welfare policy

Job openings

No Postitions Work location Submission time
01 New QA / QC Engineer New QA / QC Engineer HCMC 24/12/2019 Apply
02 New Occupational Safety Specialist New Occupational Safety Specialist HCMC 24/12/2019 Apply
03 Engineer QS New Works Engineer QS New Works HCMC 24/12/2019 Apply
04 QS Expert - Contract (Office Work) New QS Expert - Contract (Office Work) New HCMC 24/12/2019 Apply
05 New assembly staff (TENDER) New assembly staff (TENDER) HCMC 24/12/2019 Apply
06 New POWER New POWER HCMC 24/12/2019 Apply
07 New project secretary New project secretary HCMC 24/12/2019 Apply
08 Warehouse keeper of the New project Warehouse keeper of the New project HCMC 24/12/2019 Apply
09 New Field Engineer New Field Engineer HCMC 24/12/2019 Apply
10 Commander / Deputy New Commander Commander / Deputy New Commander HCMC 24/12/2019 Apply