“Can Tho has white rice and clear water,

Everyone who goes to here do not lap to come back…"

 Standing out with the reputation of "Tay Do" or "Capital of the Bed", Can Tho appear in the hearts of tourists as a charming, rich, and vibrant river picture. This place not only attracts tourists through its fruit gardens and vibrant floating markets but also its dynamic development in recent years.

 When mentioning Can Tho, people often think of the romantic Ninh Kieu Wharf, the colorful Cai Rang floating market, or the sweet fruit gardens. Can Tho rivers and butterflies, my love is like a silk strip across the West. On the river, boats move back and forth noisily, creating a picture of a peaceful life that is not at all close to poetic. The fruit gardens stretch along the riverbank as if painting a picture of rich nature, full of vitality.

Can Tho not only has beautiful natural scenery but also has a rich and diverse culinary culture. Visitors coming here can enjoy specialty dishes such as fish sauce hot pot, grilled snakehead fish, banh xeo, fish noodle soup...

In addition, Can Tho is also the place where many unique traditional festivals take place such as the Lantern Festival, Ok Om Bok Festival...

Can Tho - a Tay Do city brings both the peaceful spirit of river peace and modern vitality. Coming to Can Tho, visitors will experience interesting and unforgettable things. Can Tho today is also an economic - cultural - tourism center of the Mekong Delta region, with modern infrastructure and many new urban areas being formed.

Like a seething chorus, Can Tho's economy is resounding with vibrant melodies of development, attracting all eyes. Amid that flower painting, An Phu Gia Construction is proud to celebrate with the Rhythm Green project - a modern residential area, that not only provides an ideal living space but is also a symbol of the city's strong rise. Pho street.

Nhip Dieu Xanh - Dream House: nestled in Nam Long urban area, Hung Thanh ward, Cai Rang district, Can Tho city, Nhip Dieu Xanh - Dream House is a high-end apartment project built by An Phu Gia Construction. labour. The project includes 17 floors and 1 basement, with a construction floor area of 30,000 m2. Green Rhythm - Dream House offers 279 apartments and 11 shophouses to the market.

The project not only contributes to meeting the housing needs of Can Tho people but also contributes to the city's socio-economic development. The project creates a source of jobs for local workers while attracting investment into the area. Nhip Dieu Xanh - Dream House promises to become a new symbol of Can Tho city.




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