Located in the Waterpoint residential area (Ben Luc, Long An), Emasi School is the second project marking An Phu Gia Construction's participation in the field of education. EMASI Plus - Waterpoint Campus has a scale of 6 hectares for inter-level training from Primary to Secondary and High School. 

The brand announcement ceremony took place on March 9, 2024, attracting the attention of many parents and students. The ceremony marks an important step in the project implementation process and demonstrates An Phu Gia Construction's commitment to bringing high-quality educational projects to the community.

Mr. Nguyen Tuyen - Chairman of the Board of Directors of Khai Sang Company and investor of EMASI Plus shared: Not only is the cost more affordable, but EMASI Plus also creates opportunities for families in remote provinces, where there are no modern schools and access to new educational models. Besides, the school also meets many needs of urban families when parents are very busy with work and do not have many conditions and time to take care of their children in the most thoughtful way.

As the main construction unit, An Phu Gia Construction will apply the most advanced techniques, along with a team of experienced and professional staff to ensure the progress and quality of the project. With the motto "Building trust - Creating the future", An Phu Gia Construction is committed to providing Emasi with a safe, comfortable, and modern learning environment, meeting the increasing learning needs of students. born in a new era.
With an area of up to 6 hectares, EMASI Plus International Bilingual Boarding School - Waterpoint Campus is designed according to the popular "Leed - green building" trend in the world. The school campus is surrounded by fresh air, green parks, and many spacious lawns. Classrooms are designed with open spaces to make the most of natural light. In addition, the school also invested in a 1,000m2 library with thousands of books spanning many fields, sports areas, exhibition areas,...

An Phu Gia Construction's participation in the Emasi project affirms the company's position in the field of educational construction construction. With its experience and capacity, An Phu Gia Construction believes it will contribute to creating an ideal learning environment for Emasi students, helping them develop their talents and create a bright future.
In addition, the Emasi project also brings practical benefits to the community: Contribute to improving the quality of education locally. Provide additional learning opportunities for students. Create more jobs for local people. Contribute to promoting the socio-economic development of the region.
With a noble vision and mission, An Phu Gia Construction pledges to devote all its enthusiasm and energy to turning Emasi School into a new symbol for Vietnamese education. This place will not only be an ideal learning environment for students but also the pride of the community, contributing to nurturing future children for the country.


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