“At Mid- Autumn Festival, walk around with lanterns lit” ... For generation 8x, 9x, there is nothing happier then when Mid- Autumn we hold the lantern and play with friends. And now, with the development economic, there is full of modern toys, many colors, many sounds, many balloons with lovely figures.

The story of Mid- Autumn is not only the similar and different from time to time, but also a long story about preserving and bringing into play the nation’s cultural.

Despite of development day by day or Mid- Autumn Festival has changed, we as the previous generation still have preserving it as a part of nation’s cultural, we must to communicate the cultural values to our children. Mid- Autumn Festival night not only has expensive cakes with modern toys, but also has Chu Cuoi and Chi Hang, a nation’s cultural.

To proceed the good cultural value and traditional. APG organized “Full Moon Festival-2020” with many fun activities, bring modern Mid-Autumn space to our future generation.

Here is some picture in this Festival


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