Groundbreaking Ceremony of Vlasta Thuy Nguyen Project: Strategic cooperation between An Phu Gia Construction and Van Phu Invest

Hai Phong, May 28, 2024: in the area of Thuy Duong Commune and Hoa Binh Commune, Thuy Nguyen District, City. Hai Phong, An Phu Gia Construction (APGCONS) solemnly held a Groundbreaking Ceremony for the construction of the Infrastructure package, marking the official start of the construction of the classy commercial urban area project VLASTA THUY NGUYEN. The ceremony was attended by representatives of the board of directors of two companies APGCONS and Van Phu Invest, along with a large number of interested customers and investors.

Van Phu Invest is a reputable investor operating in the field of real estate investment and development in Vietnam. With more than 20 years of experience and a professional and dedicated team, Van Phu Invest has affirmed its position in the market through a series of quality projects such as Van Phu Urban Area, Vlasta - Sam Son, Grandeur Palace - Giang Vo, The Terra - Bac Giang, Tera - An Hung,... Meet the needs of customers.



About Vlasta Thuy Nguyen project:

The Vlasta Thuy Nguyen project is methodically planned with many diverse functional areas, including adjacent housing areas, villas, shophouses, commercial centers, entertainment areas, schools, hospitals, and social housing, and promises to become an ideal destination for those who are looking for a classy living space in Hai Phong. Possessing a prime location and convenient traffic connections, the project is expected to contribute to improving the quality of life for residents of Hai Phong City. The Groundbreaking Ceremony of the Vlasta Thuy Nguyen Project marks a new beginning for this potential project.

With a total area of 32.5 hectares, the project is methodically planned, and divided into separate functional areas, including:

Villas: 139 villas, possessing a spacious area of 28 hectares, providing a luxurious and classy living space.

Townhouses: 697 units, area of 75.5 hectares, suitable for young families or households in need of comfortable living space.

Social housing: 665 apartments, 26 hectares in area, meeting the settlement needs of low- and middle-income people.

In the solemn and bustling atmosphere of the Groundbreaking Ceremony of the Vlasta Thuy Nguyen project, the representative of the Investor - Mr. Tran Viet Thanh expressed his strong belief in the capacity and reputation of APGCONS. He hopes that the two sides will cooperate closely and join hands to help the project be completed on schedule and ensure the highest quality. Vlasta Thuy Nguyen promises to become a new architectural symbol, contributing to beautifying the appearance of Hai Phong City.

Continuing the Investor's trust, Mr. Ngo Quang Ninh, representative of APGCONS Construction General Contractor, affirmed the company's strong commitment to implementing this project. Mr. Ninh emphasized that APGCONS will mobilize maximum resources, including human resources, material resources, and the most advanced equipment, to ensure project construction quality meets the highest standards.

In addition, APGCONS also pays special attention to construction management, ensuring labor safety and environmental sanitation. Mr. Ninh commits to building a civilized and professional construction environment, contributing to the overall development of the Thuy Nguyen area.

The Groundbreaking Ceremony of the Vlasta Thuy Nguyen Project not only marks the beginning of a classy commercial urban area in Hai Phong but is also a testament to the close cooperation between APGCONS and Van Phu Invest. With extensive experience and reputation in the field of construction, APGCONS is committed to implementing the Vlasta Thuy Nguyen project professionally and methodically, ensuring quality and progress, and contributing to bringing benefits to residents. Hai Phong City is a modern, comfortable, and classy living space.

Furthermore, the Vlasta Thuy Nguyen project also promises to contribute to promoting the local economy, creating more jobs for people, and improving the quality of Hai Phong urban area. APGCONS is proud to be a part of this project and pledges to always do our best to contribute to the overall development of Hai Phong City.

With great contributions to the economic development and improvement of urban quality in Hai Phong, APGCONS believes that Vlasta Thuy Nguyen will become a new symbol for the port city, contributing to affirming Hai Phong's position. on the economic map of Vietnam.


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