On the 15th anniversary of its establishment, APGCONS put on a confident, firm and vibrant attitude.
The old year is gradually closing with valuable stories during the time when the whole family of APGCONS accompanies and strives under the same roof.

APGCONS's Teambuilding journey this year with topic "TOGETHER WE GO - TOGETHER WE GROW" (TOGETHER - STEP TOGETHER) of APGCONS with refreshing moments on Ham Thuan Nam beach, beautiful Binh Thuan has left in every member of the Great Family APGCONS so many emotions, unforgettable memories.

In accordance with the theme "TOGETHER WITH THE STEP - TOGETHER WITH THE BIG", the members of Teambuilding program had the opportunity to play many creative games, train teamwork skills and teamwork.

The "TOGETHER WE GO - TOGETHER WE GROW" journey will be a memorable and emotional journey for members of the APGCONS family.

Teambuilding event showed the spirit of APGCONS with young people who are dynamic, confident in work and life.

APGCONS people just need to be together, will be able to do it all together, we will continue to conquer even more peaks in the future.

Some photos of the event:



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