The spectacular stage, gathering 'warriors' from different project distribution floors, created a vibrant atmosphere with strong spillover effects. Prominent right in the middle of the main stage is the perspective image of Grand Sunlake with 50-storey twin towers and one 45-storey tower, inspired by "Heroes of the sun". The project is developed by Thang Long Invest Group and Irrigation Equipment Joint Stock Company (HESCO).



Sharing at the project kick-off ceremony, Mr. Dong Quoc Cuong - Deputy General Director of Thang Long Urban and Housing Development Group, the representative of the investor consortium expressed his confidence in accompanying partners including Co. EximRS Real Estate Joint Stock Company and its alliance KBG, MK Holding Vietnam, New Sky, Phu Tai Land and HDBank. The project brings many advantages to meet the needs of safe residence and investment in the context of volatile market.



Mr. Phan The Hoang - Chairman of the Board of Directors of An Phu Gia Construction Joint Stock Company (APGCons) project management is well-built. The ceiling-to-ceiling glass design and 360-degree view bring relaxation to the soul when capturing the peaceful beauty of Van Quan Lake and Vo Lake. Along with landscape design to living space in harmony with nature, the project is also invested with a series of high-class facilities such as sky bar, stimulation pool, commercial center ...



Ms. Tran Thi Cam Tu - General Director of EximRS Real Estate Joint Stock Company shared that the attractiveness of the project is associated with the leverage of different planning and utilities. Ms. Tu emphasized the growth momentum of projects benefiting from metro lines around the world. Thereby affirming the attraction of Grand Sunlake when owning a prime location right on the Cat Linh - Ha Dong metro line along with the busy and lifeblood roads of the capital. “Grand Sunlake not only meets the housing needs but also brings a completely new living experience from the first wow-living lifestyle in Ha Dong district,” said by the General Director.



Grand Sunlake is located adjacent to Tran Phu street and Cat Linh - Ha Dong metro line, which are the busiest roads. The project has a total area of over 2 hectares, this is the leading luxury apartment complex in the region, providing more than 1,000 apartments.
The launch of Grand Sunlake marked an explosive turning point of the real estate market to satisfy the thirst of Hanoians as well as the sights of northern investors.



other news

  • In the exciting atmosphere, this morning (March 12th, 2021) An Phu Gia successfully organized the Groundbreaking Ceremony for the project "Commercial Service - Officetel Golden Globe Tower".

  • On the afternoon of March 8, 2021, the talk show "Feminist APG" took place in a joyful atmosphere. Laughter, humorous words, applause have contributed to the talk show "Feminist APG" becoming more attractive and special.

  • The project is built in Nhon Trach Industrial Park, Phuoc Thien Commune, Nhon Trach District, Dong Nai Province with a construction area of 11,500 m2.

  • Đã 15 mùa xuân qua, cứ mỗi độ sinh nhật công ty ta lại thấy trời sắp tết. Đây không phải sự trùng hợp mà là sự sắp đặt của trời đất.

    Ngày 11-1 là ngày kỷ niệm của tập thể phòng KTX 111B Tân Phú, ở đó đong đầy những kỷ niệm của chàng sinh viên trường ĐHBK. Nơi đó chàng nợ các bạn những kỷ niệm buồn vui, nợ ngôi trường của mình về ngành nghề đã học. Rồi lại vào ngày đó chàng nợ một đứa con ra đời: An Phú Gia. Chàng nợ cả tập thể công ty một con đường, một ý chí. Chàng nợ Xã hội những sản phẩm chất lượng và tâm huyết. Chàng nợ các đối tác của mình lời cám ơn và tiền bạc trước những ngày sắp tết. Rồi chàng đưa tất cả tập thể quay cuồng trong những món nợ này.