D'vela - Apartment building - TMDV An Phu Long Land 1

Short Name D'vela condominium
Place 1177 Huynh Tan Phat, P. Phu Thuan, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City
Investor Phu Long Real Estate Joint Stock Company
Scope of work Construction package of structure, architecture, finishing and electromechanical system
Type of construction Residential
Scale Total land area: 2,820.3 m2
Total construction floor area: about 30,000 m2
Building density of the whole area: 39.91%.
Number of apartments: 168 luxury apartments, 82 office-tel apartments, 09 shop-house apartments
Time to start 7/1/2018
Completion time 9/1/2019
Contract value (vnd) 142,173,991,661
Highlights 1. The swimming pool is on the 6th floor
2. Installation of smart home building management systems


The traditional BKCONS 2019 tennis tournament has been officially closed with lots of emotion and pride.
In order to perform the work management according to the policy and orientation of the Board of Directors of An Phu Gia Construction Joint Stock Company (APGCons for short). On September 27, 2019, APGCons held a ceremony to announce and award the appointment decision