Last May and June, HRA.Dept. cooperated with HSE Dept. to train "Safety culture in construction" issued by APGCons to all staff working on the project. At the same time, recorded, shared and answered questions about related policies.
The training, fostering and improvement of safety knowledge for the Stie Management Team at the sites have always been paid attention and strictly enforced by the Board of Directors.

According to the policy of the Board of Directors, "Every site supervisor, staff is a safety officer". The training sessions closely shared the roles and responsibilities of each department involved in the project, thereby helping the supervisors to increase safety awareness in construction as well as in the office that APGCons is aiming for in the future.

Safety is a value that the whole team implements together, not only safety workers but each of us is responsible for controlling to ensure that "Each job before construction must approved construction methods, risk analysis, training - training, toolbox meeting, construction permit and control throughout the construction process".

The desire for workers to return home safely after each working day at APGCons sites is the happiness of the Board of Directors as well as the site management team who are working directly with the workers at the projects.

The training session received active participation from the site management team, and through which each member also had sincere sharing with HRA Dept. during their work at APGCons. In the coming time, HSE Dept. and HRA Dept. will have more specific training sessions for the site management team.

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